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    Cedars HOPE

    a not-for-profit organization serving homeless women in Northeast Indiana living with serious mental illness by offering affordable permanent:

    • Housing
    • Opportunities for growth and companionship
    • Personal support
    • Encouragement towards independence

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Cedars HOPE is more than a place to live,
it is a caring, supportive community for women;
a place to be taken care of, a chance to thrive, and to enjoy friendships.
It’s about more than just quality of treatment, it’s about quality of life.

About the Cedar’s HOPE program

Why is there a need for Cedar’s HOPE?

People with mental illness represent half of all homeless in all cities in the United States. They typically tend to cycle from shelter to shelter for many years. The largest demographic of this group consists of middle aged, mentally ill women. We recognized this population as being critically under-served by existing agencies.

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About Cedars HOPE

Cedars HOPE, Inc. offers ground-breaking programs that are the only ones of their kind to the Fort Wayne area. We offer homeless women with mental illness the safety and security of a permanent place to call home. This is crucial to the recovery of their independence and emotional stability.Our program has been proven to break the connection between mental illness and homelessness. Residents are able to make tremendous strides towards greater independence and recovery.

Currently, Cedars HOPE, Inc. operates Cedars I and II homes with capacity to serve 16 mentally ill women. We have recently expanded our program now to include independent living in scattered sites called Supportive Services Plus.

Click here to download a resident application. If you are a referring agency, please read and sign a referring agency agreement (download).